Sports Academy Classes

Purpose: To offer a unique sports education experience to high performance athletes that will support students in their academic and sporting endeavours, supplement their own skills and introduce then to various sporting topics.

We offer:

  • An individually tailored sports programme while still attaining academic achievement
  • The Y8 Sports Academy class (and 6 – 8 additional successful applicants) will attend a week long Sports Camp in Matamata where our students compete against other Intermediate Schools. (approx. cost $280.00 per student applies).
  • On-going mentoring and testing of fitness levels
  • Spacious sports facilities and grounds
  • Sport will be regularly timetabled
  • Students will cover four broad areas – sport and the body, sports coaching, testing and conditioning and sports specific practice

Requirements for Acceptance into a Sports Academy Class:

  • Proven sports record
  • Proven commitment to engage in a range of sports
  • High degree of involvement in school sports throughout the year
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Play a variety of sports within the community (e.g. club teams or rep. teams)
  • Willingness to accept leadership opportunities
  • Good school attendance and positive role model at the school
  • Willingness to try new sporting endeavours
  • Character reference or testimonial from coach or teacher

Enrichment Classes

Purpose: To provide ongoing quality programmes and learning experiences that cater for academically gifted and talented students, in order to extend themselves and achieve their potential.

We offer:

  • Flexible curriculum
  • Use the Problem Based Learning approach
  • Provide challenging and creative opportunities
  • Encourage problem solving and higher order thinking through students being part
  • of International/National testing, quizzes, challenges and competitions
  • Whilst normal class activities will take place added to that mix will be outside of school activities
  • Advanced ICT programming available for both student and teacher
  • Daily exposure to a variety of thinking tools
  • Opportunities for involvement of parents and caregivers

Requirements for Acceptance into our Enrichment Classes:

  • Proven academic excellence record (a copy of your child’s latest report must be included to support your request).  NO application will be considered if we do not have the latest school report to base our decision on.
  • Proven commitment to learning
  • Higher Order Thinking skills
  • High performing results in our School Testing programme
  • Teacher referral
  • Positive attitude towards all learning
  • Sound self-management skills

The Arts Academy Class

Purpose: To offer unique and varied opportunities in Music, Drama, Dance and Art that will support students existing talents and foster new ones.

We offer:

  • Opportunity to participate in a range of artistic and musical events in our school and the community
  • Opportunity to work on a weekly basis with a specialized Arts Teacher
  • Opportunity to work on a weekly basis with a specialized Music Teacher
  • Participation in Footsteps Dance Programme
  • Opportunity to enter and attend Arts Exhibitions

Requirements for Acceptance into the Arts Academy Class:

  • High level of proficiency in one of the following: Dance, Vocals, Drama, Drawing,
  • Design, Pottery, Playing a musical instrument
  • High level of interest to develop their talents in all of the following: Dance, Vocals,
  • Drama, Drawing, Design, Pottery, Playing a musical instrument
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Total commitment to participate in a variety of School Productions and Arts Events
  • Ability to attend after school rehearsals as required
  • Willingness to attend shows/workshops across a range of musical/arts experiences.
  • Willingness to perform in and beyond Rosehill Intermediate School as required.

Digital Classes

Purpose: To offer opportunities to interact on a global classroom level and utilise the latest Web 2.0 technologies for enhanced learning.

We offer:

  • State of the Art classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboard teaching tool
  • One computer between two students
  • Ready access to printers, digital cameras, videos and iPads
  • Varied programme eg Movie Making
  • Advanced learning through high order thinking skills

Requirements for Acceptance into the Digital Classes:

  • There is a $200 charge for the goods and services for all students participating in a Digital class for the year (payment must be received by the school office by Monday 27th November 2017)
  • Access to broadband at home for your child to complete assignments
  • Willingness to learn and use digital technologies in a variety of settings
  • Strong self- management skills to learn in a digital environment
  • Able to work collaboratively using digital technologies

Chrome Discovery Classes

All our mainstream classes are Chrome Discovery Classes where students have the opportunity to facilitate their learning through the use of Chromebook Discovery.