Since 2010, schools with children in Years 1-8 have been using National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics. Schools will report to parents, families and whānau in writing at least twice a year on their child’s progress and achievement in these areas, in relation to the National Standards.

How will I know if my child is meeting the National Standard?

Parents are reported to twice a year, mid year report (Student led 3 Way Conference) and end of year report.  The mid year report indicates how your child is progressing towards the National Standard in reading, writing and maths at the half way point of the year.  The following assessment guideline is used:

  • Working Well below
  • Working Below
  • On track to meet the standard
  • Working at the standard
  • Above the standard


The end year reports will indicate whether your child’s achievement in relation to the National Standard in reading, writing and maths is:

  • Well below National Standard
  • Below National Standard
  • At National Standard
  • Above the National Standard


Students in Year 7 should be working towards early Level 4 of the NZ Curriculum, while Year 8 students should be operating at Level 4.

How will your teacher work out where your child is at?

No single source of information can accurately summarise a student’s achievement or progress. A range of approaches is necessary in order to compile a comprehensive picture of the areas of progress, areas requiring attention, and what a student’s unique progress looks like. Using a range of approaches also allows the student to participate throughout the assessment process, building their assessment capability. Because of this, to assess a student in relation to National Standards, teachers need to bring together a range of evidence in order to form an overall teacher judgment.  This may include the following:

  • using a range of formal tests/assessments
  • observations of your child working in the classroom
  • marking daily tasks in the class and group discussions
  • talking with them about their learning
  • your child assessing their own and each other’s work.


What is expected at each year level?

The links below will direct you to the Ministry of Education’s website where the standards in reading, writing and maths are shown.

Mathematics Standard at Year 7

Reading & Writing Standard at Year 7

Mathematics Standards at Year 8

Reading & Writing Standards at Year 8